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Our practice has developed considerably over the years by providing a wide range of services demanded by today’s business. Whether you would like an advice on saving tax or social security payments, payroll tax payments, tax audit protection, information on latest legislation development and timely implementation, you can be sure that Accounting Solutions, Inc. will be there to help you.


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Making The Wrong Choice Can Hurt

Jay Walia's Guide For Choosing An Executor Of Your Estate Plan

 We love what we do. 

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Traps To Avoid





You'd think that this would be about golf, since here we are smack in the middle of summer. But I'm here with a word of caution about other kinds of traps, not of the sandy variety.

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Plan Well For Eventuality


How is your summer rolling along for you? I'd love it if you sent us an update on what you have been doing ... even if it's just a personal update. (You can send us an email through the link at the top of the page.) We take great joy in knowing that our work is being done on behalf of some pretty incredible individuals and families, and getting a closer look into the personal lives of our clients and friends gives us fuel!

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How Money Works for Worcester Business Owners

Staying Focused on What Builds Your Financial Success in the First Place

Sometimes it feels like all we face is turmoil. And this feeling is not restricted to those businesses that survive month-to-month. Even the best-capitalized among us can get trapped by the ever-increasing cycle of chronic “survival” anxiety.

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How to Manage Money for Worcester Millennials

A Financial Pep Talk to Graduates 

I don't know where you are with this, but to me ... the month of May is beginning to feel a lot like December.  Definitely not because it’s cold out there, but with so much end-of-school-year stuff happening these days, from graduation parties—ranging from pre-k graduations all the way up through college and beyond—to weddings (both royal and otherwise), to sports seasons wrapping up, to Memorial Day plans, there’s that same frenetic holiday vibe in the air! While people prefer different seasons and all the activity that comes with them, most can agree that the transitional lulls between them are welcomed by just about everyone.  

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4-Prong Approach for Smarter Interview Questions

Advice on How to Acquire Good Help and Build a Strong Team 

“I can’t seem to find any good help.” Sound familiar?

With the advent of technology like Google’s new “Duplex” system, it’s going to reach a point (sooner than we realize) that businesses like yours—and mine—will have less use for employees that are mere “order takers” or who don’t engage in complicated work. 

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3 Tips for Resisting Financial Process Automation

Jay Walia Explains Why to Consider De-Automating Payments 

Is automation always a good thing? 

Did you see Google’s demonstration of their new virtual assistant technology, Duplex, last week?

If you did, like me, probably you were both amazed ... and a little bit terrified of the implications. Essentially, Google is close to figuring out how to make it so that machines and robots can engage in regular human interaction. In the demonstrations, the human beings were oblivious that they were engaging with a machine.

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Five Financial and Tax Strategies for Worcester Small Businesses

Navigating Your Tax Strategies Through the New Tax Legislation

It’s increasingly clear to all of us that our present “cultural moment” can take a toll on any Worcester person’s mind who isn’t vigilant. 

Constant connectedness to those who are (by their very vocation) incentivized to highlight change, chaos, and fear is more dangerous than I believe we realize. There are so many negative voices out there, that if they are your sole informational “diet,” your state of mind will be seriously affected. 

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12 Financial Health Check Tips for Worcester Families and Individuals

De-Clutter, Clean-Up, and Maintain Your Fiscal Health! But How? 

We are now fully engaged in our tax “off season” here in Worcester.  Interestingly, this is when we can make a real difference on behalf of our tax preparation clients. We’re diving into the new tax legislation, and attending classes (online and in person) to get clarity, even as the IRS releases various new guidance for how to implement the new legislation for our Worcester tax and accounting clients.

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Three Tips on How to Succeed as an Entrepreneurial Business Owner in Worcester

Invest, Invest, Invest … Find Out in What!

Now that TY2017 is behind us, it is time to turn our inquisitive heads towards the savings possible for you and your Worcester business in the “new” tax code under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. And there are many ways to save with these new regulations.

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